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Kirsten & Laura

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Laura & Kirsten

“In 2009 I first joined Facebook all thanks to My Best friend Leah Mitchell, she was the one who encouraged me to join Facebook in the first place. And i just wanted to thank her first for doing that!

Because one year later in 2010, who was to know that because I was on Facebook that I would end up finding My Baby Sister Laura and My Brother Daniel, who BOTH ended up finding ME on Facebook!

From when I about 14 years old in year 7 in High School I found out that I had a Baby Sister and that her name was Laura, and I always grew up knowing about My Brother Daniel, but I never knew what they looked like until they found me on Facebook and when I saw what/who they looked like it just blew my mind to see how much like me they looked!

You might ask why didn’t I grow up with them? Unfortunately I wasn’t able to because I grew up with my Mum’s family and my brother and my baby sister grew up with my birth Father.

So I wasn’t able to get to know My Brother and Sister because My Aunty/Mum NOT liking the other side of My Family which is Tregoning. I have found Cousins on that side of the Family that I hadn’t met UNTIL NOW!!

After few months of her finding me, my Sister and I finally met and this photo below is of her and I back in 2010. And I can’t imagine my life without her in it now! I love you Leah for helping me find my Sister Laura!

Laura, I love you, my baby Sister! It was like I had my own version of that TV Show ‘Find My Family’, Because my Brother and Sister both found me on Facebook!”


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